What do I need to arrange for my self-quarantine?

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What about visitors?

  • Meet family and friends online

    When self-quarantining you can’t have visitors or visit other people. But there are many other ways to stay in touch, like arranging a video call.

  • Challenge friends or family to an online game

    Do an online escape room, play bridge or have a game of Fortnite. Whatever you enjoy doing, there’s something for everyone.

  • Create a home cinema

    Many cinemas and film services offer free films for you to watch at home. Order your popcorn online and sit back and relax.

Can you work from home for 10 days?

  • Discuss this with your manager

    See if you can arrange your work differently so that you can work from home temporarily. Perhaps you could swap with a colleague.

  • Create a comfortable workspace.

    Ask your employer if you can borrow an office chair and monitor. Good headphones can also help you concentrate at home.

  • Plan a test day

    Check whether all your programs work and whether you can access all the files you need.

Help and support for your self-quarantine

  • Can no one help you with groceries or picking up the children from school? Then you can contact your municipality.

  • The Red Cross also has a national helpline (070-4455 888) who can look with you for help in your area.

Do you have all the medicines you need? Do you know who to call if something is wrong?

  • Have your pharmacy deliver medicines.

    All pharmacies have a delivery service. So you can always call them and ask.

  • Make sure you have all the phone numbers of your healthcare providers.

    It's important to know who to call if something happens. Many problems can often be solved over the phone.

How do you make sure you get enough exercise and rest?

  • Online fitness or yoga

    There are all kinds of exercise videos on YouTube. And there are also platforms offering subscriptions for online lessons.

  • Sports on a games console

    You can dance or play tennis or football at home. As long as it distracts you from having to stay at home, it all counts.

  • Create your own gym at home

    Fill empty bottles with water to use as weights and use your stairs for step exercises. Everyone can join in!

Have you made arrangements for your children?

Children who are self-quarantining cannot go to school or take part in sports.

  • Find a suitable place for your child to do their school work

    Make sure they can concentrate. If you don't have a laptop or computer many schools will let you borrow one so that your child can join in online lessons.

  • Find different ways to stay in touch with friends

    Arrange a video call with friends or play a game online. Keeping in touch with friends and classmates is important.

  • Staying fit at home

    A trainer may be able to give you tips for exercises you can do in your living room, in the garden or on your balcony.

Have you made arrangements for your dog?

  • Ask family or friends to take your dog for a walk

    Make sure you keep 1.5 metres away from family or friends who come to take the dog out.

  • Neighbours who also have a dog

    Children living nearby might like to take your dog out for walks.

  • Find a dog walking service

Do you have enough food and drink for 10 days?

  • Ask family, friends or neighbours to do your shopping for you

  • Order your groceries online

    Almost all supermarkets do home deliveries. In some areas you can also order directly from a local farmer.

  • Order pet food online

    Almost all supermarkets sell basic products for pets. And you can order online from most pet shops.

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