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The travel rules also apply when you have already been vaccinated.

Overview of your trip:

Your destination: Paraguay

Paraguay is currently a high corona risk area.

All details about travelling to Paraguay during corona can be found in the detailed travel advice (information in Dutch).

Currently, you must arrange the following before your arrival (back) in the Netherlands (if you are 12 years or older):

Entry ban for non-European residents
You may only enter the Netherlands if you're fully vaccinated or if the purpose of your trip falls under one of the exemption categories. For example, if you have the Dutch nationality.

Proof of vaccination or recovery
Make sure you can show proof of vaccination. Are you a European citizen? Then you can show a proof of recovery also (handy: use the ).

Otherwise, make sure you have a negative test result (a NAAT(PCR) test max 48h before departure, or a rapid antigen test max 24h before departure). Where can I get a test result?

Health declaration
Show your completed health declaration when boarding.

Urgent advice to everyone
For travellers with a vaccination certificate or a recovery certificate, the urgent advice is to take a self-test before meeting others or going back to work/school.

Travellers without vaccination or recovery certificate are strongly advised to test themselves on days 2 and 5 after arrival. This can be done with a self-test or at the GGD. If you have any symptoms or if a self-test is positive, always have it tested at the GGD.

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