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Your travel and self-quarantine overview

The travel and self-quarantine rules also apply if you have already been vaccinated.

Overview of your trip:

From today (prepare)

Keep track of the latest developments at your destination via the travel app (information in Dutch)

Prepare well for your self-quarantine after your return.

(travel to Mexico)

Mexico currently has a high corona risk.

Check if you need to have a negative test result in Mexico and/or go into self-quarantine. Detailed travel advice (information in Dutch)

(arrival in the Netherlands)

Make sure you have arranged the following before your arrival in the Netherlands:

Negative test result.
You can only travel to the Netherlands if you have a negative test result (max 72 hours before arrival). Where can I get a test result?

When you get home, you and your travel companions need to self-quarantine for 10 days:

(back home)

day 0

Self-quarantine immediately to prevent the possible spread of the virus.

This means do not go outside, do not go to the store and do not go to work.

Reduce your time in self-quarantine by getting tested on day 5 after returning home.

Make a test appointment for when you're back home. Either online or call 0800-1202 (keep your citizen service number (BSN) with you).

(test day)

day 5

Get tested today for corona.

Do you have a negative test result? You may end you self-quarantine. However, avoid contact with vulnerable persons until day 10 after returning home.

Do you have a positive test result? Then you have corona. The GGD will tell you more and you need to go in isolation (information in Dutch).


day 10

Untested on or after day 5 and no complaints? Then this is your last day of your self-quarantine.

Do you have any corona complaints? Then get tested as soon as possible.

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