Your travel and self-quarantine overview

The travel and self-quarantine rules always apply, but there are exemptions.

Overview of your trip:

Your destination: Anguilla

Anguilla is currently a very high corona risk area.

All details about travelling to Anguilla during corona can be found in the detailed travel advice (information in Dutch).

Currently, you must arrange the following before your arrival (back) in the Netherlands (if you are 12 years or older):

Entry ban for non-European residents
You may only enter the Netherlands if you're fully vaccinated or if the purpose of your trip falls under one of the other exemption categories. For example, if you have the Dutch nationality.

Negative test result
You can only travel to the Netherlands if you have a negative test result (a NAAT(PCR) test max 48h before departure, or a rapid antigen test max 24h before departure). Where can I get a test result?

Quarantine declaration
Make sure you've filled in the quarantine declaration before you return to the Netherlands. Even if you fall under 1 of the exemption categories.

Health declaration
Show your completed health declaration when boarding.

Check whether you have to quarantine mandatory

Are you not one of the exceptions? Then you must be quarantined after arrival in the Netherlands. Follow the schedule below:

day 0

Self-quarantine immediately to prevent the possible spread of the virus.

This means do not go outside, do not go to the store and do not go to work.

Reduce your time in self-quarantine by getting tested on day 5 after returning home.

Make a test appointment for when you're back home. Either online or call 0800-1202 (keep your citizen service number (BSN) with you).

day 5

Get tested today for corona.

If the test comes back negative, you no longer have to self‑quarantine. But continue to avoid contact with anyone who may be vulnerable for a full 10 days after you return to the Netherlands.

If the test comes back positive, you have coronavirus. The GGD will provide you with additional information and you need to self‑isolate (information in Dutch)

day 10

If you did not get tested on or after day 5 and you have no symptoms, this is your last day of your self‑quarantine.

If you have COVID‑19 symptoms, stay home and get tested again.

Prepare your self-quarantine

Did you know you can't do your grocery shopping yourself, receive visitors and you need to work from home?

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