Travelling abroad remains a risk.

Travel well prepared

Know what you need to arrange before you travel (back) to the Netherlands. Even when you're already vaccinated.

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Why this check?

Don't bring the virus with you (back) to the Netherlands

If you get infected abroad, you might infect other people in the Netherlands. This can also be another variant of the virus. This check helps you prepare before travelling (back) to the Netherlands.

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We’ll tell you exactly what you need to know

Based on your travel details, we create a personal travel overview. This includes what you need to arrange for your return trip to the Netherlands and when you get home.

Help for your self-quarantine

We’ll help you on your way.

Does your destination have a (very) high risk of becoming infected with the coronavirus? You often must self-quarantine for 10 days when you arrive in the Netherlands. We’ll give you information and tips to help you make all the necessary arrangements.

Frequently asked questions and exceptions

Questions about travelling during corona

For example, about going on a trip and vaccination, the consequences of a risky trip for your housemates and what to do if you work across the border or have a relationship.

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