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Do not travel abroad or book trips abroad in the period up to and including 15 May

Need to make an essential trip abroad?

Do the check to see what rules apply and get tips for self-quarantining.

Do the check
Why this check?

Don’t bring the virus back from abroad

If you get infected abroad, you might infect other people in the Netherlands. Possibly with another, more infectious strain of the virus. This check will help you make the right choices before, during and after your trip.

It takes 2 minutes

We’ll tell you exactly what you need to know

On the basis of your travel details we’ll look at the current situation at your destination. After the check you’ll know which rules apply at your destination and what you need to arrange for your return trip and when you get home.

Help for your self-quarantine

We’ll help you on your way.

Have you been to an area with a high corona risk? You often must self-quarantine for 10 days when you arrive in the Netherlands. We’ll give you information and tips to help you make all the necessary arrangements.